CAUTION: If you have water access property and were told you never have to pump your Class 4 septic system for decades you were not given the proper information.  Below is from a Contractor in Haliburton County that has the professional qualifications to assist you with water access septic systems. And be sure to read their top 10 Tips for operating the system at the end. Water Quality of our Lakes & Rivers depends on property owners’ acknowledge and actions.

Water Access Septic Pumping

Based on 4500 Litres or Less

1-Tank $3,825.00

5-Tanks $1,135.00 ($2,690.00 savings)

8-Tanks $935.00 ($2,890.00 savings)

10-Tanks $795.00 ($3,030.00 savings)

plus applicable taxes


Thomas Contracting Co. Ltd.

15561HWY 35

Algonquin Highlands, On

K0M 1J2


705-489-2711 to book



Over 80 years of service

Top Ten Septic Care Tips

  • Don’t plant deep rooted vegetation near your system
  • Do not drive or park on system
  • Do not build any structures on system
  • Don’t flush paper towel or feminine products
  • Spread heavy water usage like laundry throughout the week
  • Avoid cushioned toilet paper
  • Do not flush grease or food
  • No lawn fertilizers
  • Use phosphate free detergents, no chemicals or bleach

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