Still needed a ladder for the roof!

Getting to inspections can be as interesting as the inspection itself. I have traveled by snow mobile, walked across frozen lakes, arrived by boat but this is the first time I traveled by plane, a Cirrus SR22. Thanks to my repeat clients for providing the transportation and the ladder!    I trust you will find your home inspection and report worthy of your efforts to get me their.

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Moisture in Basements

There are many sources of moisture found in basements. Basement often get little or no sunlight and limited ventilation.  They often have the highest level of humidity in a house.

.Growth on wood structure

Basements are therefore one of the most susceptible areas for mold and fungi growths.  With the assistance of dust and dirt in unattended basements and the nutrients in wood these growths can go unnoticed for extended periods of time. Forced air heating systems with limited air filtration can spread the spores through out the house. People have various sensitivities to these growths and some types can be a serious health hazard.

The best way to  avoid this concern is to get rid of the conditions that cause the problem. Reduce humidity levels and moisture problems in the basement and provide adequate ventilation and keep basements clean.  Call Know Your Home Inspections Inc. for more details on limiting this potential problem in your home.

Energy Efficient Century Home

I have completed thousands of energy evaluations and inspections on all sorts of homes and buildings. This is the best renovation I have seen for energy efficiency of the building envelope of a Century Home.  The house scored a 75 before the heating equipment upgrades. The Air leakage rate @ 50 Pa: was just 4.01 ACH  (ACH = number of air changes per hour).  Modeling the recommended Heating Upgrades, it reached a rating of 85 on the EnerGuide Scale.  This is comparative to new Energy Star Homes.

ecoEnergy Century Home

Congratulations to the Home owners!  Learn more about our eco-Energy evaluations under the Services Tab.  Know Your Home Inspections can help you save money on utilities, making your home more comfortable in winter and in summer.



Home Show 2015

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Know Your Home Inspections Inc. will donate $5.00 to Places for People for contestants that correctly answers a category in Jeopardy at the Haliburton Home Show. Come on by the Know Your Home Inspections Inc. booth and try your luck. Play and win for your community.

Come learn about the services of Know Your Home Inspections Inc. before you buy your next home or cottage.