How much does a home inspection cost?

This can become an important consideration when the final costs of home purchasing start to add up. However, the purchase of a Know Your Home Inspection Inc. service is best considered as an investment in your property and your knowledge, not a cost. You will evaluate your potential asset, increase your understanding of how the major systems work, and recognize ways to maintain your property value. The lowest cost may not serve your best interests in the long run. An inspection takes about 3 hours on-site, and a written report with photos follows. A Know Your Home Inspection costs in the range of $500 to $600 plus HST. You can find cheaper home inspections and higher cost inspections. Our rates are examined periodically based on the high quality of service we provide. You are encouraged to ask questions at the time of inspection, when you review your written report, when you take possession of your house or cottage, or even in the years to come.

Just call for information regarding your potential investment in the other services we offer. This includes WETT inspections (for Wood appliances – often required by your insurance company) and energy evaluations (to help reduce utility costs for heating and cooling) and thermal imaging (primarily examining the building envelope), air quality concerns, and sampling materials for Licensed lab testing. Know Your Home Inspections is available to assist clients in modeling new construction from plans for Energy efficient new homes including SB12 modeling and work with building crews in detailing air tightness for new construction using the blower door. Rural septic system evaluations can also be provided.  The investment/costs for Know Your Home Inspections Inc.’s other services may be reduced if combined with other inspections.

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