Energy Evaluations for Comfort and $ Savings

Save on Heating and Cooling and put money back into your budget with a home energy evaluation.

Does your house have cold drafts or floors, icicles in the winter, high heating costs? We can help you save energy, increase home comfort, reduce green-house gas (GHG) emissions, care for the structural components of your home and the air quality.

What is an energy evaluation? Your Energy Evaluation is conducted by a Natural Resources Canada Certified Evaluator. An evaluation involves first, modeling the house “as is” and then, modeling with potential energy saving upgrades in consultation with the homeowner.
An energy evaluation is an unbiased measurement of the heat loss and efficiency of the buildings components. This includes:

  • Air leakage measurements using a Blower Door
  • Design Heat Loss
  • Window type and direction
  • Wall structure and insulation
  • Attic insulation
  • Basement ad Header Insulation
  • Door types
  • Heating fuel and system
  • Hot water fuel and system

Your report will assist in prioritizing proposed retrofits. After completing recommended upgrades you will continue to save year after year on home heating and cooling. All this while improving your property investment and reducing emissions that contribute to global warming.

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