Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging of Building Envelopes


Using building science, Know Your Home Inspection Inc. offers thermal imaging to detect air leakage in the building envelope, identifying potential water and dampness in the building envelope, locating floor heating problems, detecting electrical concerns, assisting contractors to find the source of problems before using evasive methods to find problems and more. Thermography is a preliminary non-destructive investigative tool.

Infrared is a powerful tool and can be easy to use. It is a non-evasive tool. Unfortunately it is also not difficult to make very serious mistakes when used by the untrained or cavalier interpreter. Thermal imaging uses an opaque lens detecting temperature differences

Athermography1nd, at the end of the day it can be used to find your lost pet in the dark! In the not too distant future these once $5,000 devices will likely become a household tool like video recorders and smart phone apps. However, it is the skills of the user that will make the difference. Think Thermally!