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Know where you want to land before you leap.

Your property investments are often the largest asset and expense. You’ll need a team to guide you through what can be an overwhelming process.  There are many details and often a high learning curve for new purchasers.

Be sure to have your list of what’s important to you first. Your team will usually consist of: your lawyer, real estate agent,  mortgager, insurance provider, and most importantly, a good home inspector working in your best interests. Your team will help you identify items you may not have considered.

It is also good to check with the local municipal planning and building department to determine the zoning uses and expectations in the area.

The services of rural and urban areas are different. It is important that you understand these differences to identify your home maintenance responsibilities. For example an arborist may be an  important part of your maintenance team when considering the health of nearby trees.  Also,locations near water will have additional considerations for vegetation and the environment.  If you are considering a rural area it is best to establish a relationship early with the company that will be servicing your septic system for you.

There are many online resources to consider, for example, here is a link to the CMHC mortgage calculator.

Click here for the CMHC Mortgage Calculator. And there are many other CMHC valuable resources for home buyer, sellers and owners – just a click away.  Knowing where you want to land, before you leap, will help bring peace of mind to your decisions.  Consider attending a buyers seminar with Know Your Home Inspections Inc.